Night Lab: Hackology

In March 2018, LabX and the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS) partnered with Museum Hack for a whirlwind workshop. Staff had 48-hours to master the Museum Hack method of storytelling, and then put together a public program for over 100 participants!

The end result of our collective efforts was Night Lab: Hackology! The evening program kicked off with trivia where participants showed off their knowledge on everything from D.C. to dinosaurs. After a few rounds of trivia, it was time for a scavenger hunt throughout the National Academy of Sciences building. LabX and CPNAS staff were highlights along the way sharing their stories with guests. Each story focused on something unique about the building and its exceptional collection. After each story staff led participants through various activities and made sure there was plenty of time for photo ops. Who doesn’t want a selfie with Darwin? At the end, scores were tallied and three winning teams were awarded some killer swag – fuzzy microbes, a stuffed Einstein, and much more!  

The kick-off event to launch LabX formally to the public went off so well, LabX took the event out into Washington, D.C. with the next Night Lab: The Hellcat Hypothesis, which featured a science-themed improv battle royale with local improv groups.