Two Scientists Walk into a Bar…

In June, LabX staff attended the Science Events Summit in St. Petersburg, FL where they first heard about the Fleet Science Center’s Two Scientists Walk into a Bar ® program. The program, which perhaps sounds like the beginning of a rather bad joke, is actually a fun community program run for the last three years by the Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA. During Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar®, local scientists get to enjoy something we all do: a good conversation in a local bar. Patrons join in by finding the scientists next to their sign that reads, “We are scientists. Ask us anything!” and asking them anything they want.

After learning that the Fleet was looking to license the program to other groups in cities around the country, LabX staff decided that Two Scientists would be great to try out with their audience in DC. The first test-run of the program took place on June 16 at the 2018 Columbia Heights Day Festival. Scientist from the National Institutes of Health, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Howard University, and many more answered questions from festival goers on a wide range of topics.

From how airplanes fly, to why, to how long it’s going to be before New York City is underwater, scientists were able to shed light on these topics while also putting a face to science. LabX plans to run additional Two Scientists Walk into a Bar ® programs in the future, so if you’re interested in participating as a scientist please email us at For more photos from Two Scientists program around the US, search #2Scientists.