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Extreme Event: Let’s play a game

The Extreme Event Game has a great write-up in Crisis Response Journal, a global information resource that distills and shares global research, knowledge and experience on disaster risk reduction.

Colonel Robert ‘Rob’ Fagan, US Army (Retired) writes, “In emergency management it can be very rewarding and eye opening to see the perspectives that other disciplines can bring to our profession while changing and improving our own understanding.”

“Deciding what type of exercise (discussion or operations-based) can be difficult, as can be deciding which scenarios and type of scenario development best meet exercise objectives. Fortunately, LabX has done a lot of this work for us, making it available for free.”

Fagan, a global crisis management consultant continues, “Having recently completed LabX’s train-the-trainer course for the Extreme Event myself, I fully endorse this concept and its product for several reasons. It’s professionally done without lots of government or emergency management-speak where we are often our own worst enemies when dealing with those outside of our profession. Secondly, it’s fun and easy to play but, like chess, hard to master. Lots of variables and tangents on game set up make iterations of play different. Thirdly, there’s truth in advertising because it is fast-paced and finishes in just a couple of hours. It is just the right length for most organizational objectives. Finally, with a little bit of reading, just about anyone who wants to bring a world-class exercise to their organization (large or small) can do it. No extensive background or professional depth in emergency management or disaster preparation and response is required.”

Read the full article here.

Watch the video below to see a quick demo of the Extreme Event game, then learn how easy it is to bring the Extreme Event Game to your group, community or classroom. You can do-it-yourself and download the game materials free, rent the game materials for mailing costs, or LabX can bring the game and a trained facilitator to you!