Emergency Manager Uses Extreme Event to Simulate a Disaster

Pam Brockus is the Chief Deputy at Bonner County Emergency Management in Sandpoint, ID. She told us about her experience of playing the Extreme Event game with her groups of emergency managers and volunteers.

Pam writes, “We used the earthquake event with our Community Emergency Response Team and ARES/RACES Volunteers, to simulate how a disaster would “look” to all stakeholders and government entities other than from a volunteer perspective. It was great to see them working together, and talking to those that they hadn’t ever worked with before, as in a real event.”

people playing extreme event game

You can find Bonner County Emergency Management on Facebook. 

Watch the video below to see a quick demo of the Extreme Event game, then learn how easy it is to bring the Extreme Event Game to your group, community or classroom. You can do-it-yourself and download the game materials free, rent the game materials for mailing costs, or LabX can bring the game and a trained facilitator to you!

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