Tony Tomas and student

Extreme Event game helps High School Juniors to Think Critically

Last year before COVID-19, a high school teacher brought the Extreme Event Game to his junior-level Emergency Management class in Dorchester County, Maryland.

Tony Thomas, a faculty member at Dorchester County Career and Technology Center, was introduced to Extreme Event by the Mid Atlantic Center for Emergency Management. He played the game, flood version, at the Summer Institute last year then brought it into his classroom.

Tony writes, “I teach a high school emergency management class. We played the Hurricane version yesterday and it worked out great. The students liked the game and I got some local emergency management professionals to come in and be guides for the students as they made their decisions.” He adds to LabX,  “Thanks for developing this tool!”

Tony says, “We had a great time with Extreme Event. I invited people from Cambridge PD, the Dorchester Sheriff’s Office and our local detention center to come. The students were paired up with these professionals as they made their decisions. I also had two former students of the class come back to help. There was a lot of critical thought going on in class that day.”

He continues, “I used the Extreme Event game because I enjoyed playing it and the opportunity it gave us to really think about what resources to keep as well as what option to choose in the event. I invited local first responders because it gave the students an opportunity to work with them and get their perspectives. I hope to add the other two [Extreme Event] scenarios next year.

You can find the Dorchester County Career And Technology Center and DCTC Homeland Security on Facebook 

Watch the video below to see a quick demo of the Extreme Event game, then learn how easy it is to bring the Extreme Event Game to your group, community or classroom. You can do-it-yourself and download the game materials free, rent the game materials for mailing costs, or LabX can bring the game and a trained facilitator to you!

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