A Hollywood Producer and a Scientist Talk Disasters: What’s in Your Go Bag?

Being prepared is important, but depending on where you live will determine what type of supplies you might want to have on hand. In the latest installment of our disaster-themed Ask A Scientist series with The Science and Entertainment Exchange, Hollywood producer Diana Williams talks about the many uses of a corkscrew and disasterologist Dr. Samantha Montano tells us how she stays prepared in Maine.

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Diana Williams is the Executive Vice President of Creative at Madison Wells Media (MWM), a diversified entertainment media company concentrated on premium content creation in film, television, immersive media and live entertainment. Before joining MWM, Diana worked with Lucasfilm Story Group, the team charged with developing the narrative cohesion and connectivity with the Star Wars universe.

Dr. Samantha Montano became interested in disasters following a trip to New Orleans immediately following Hurricane Katrina and the Levee Failure. She holds a BS in Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans and an MS and PhD in Emergency Management from North Dakota State University. Dr. Montano is currently an assistant professor of emergency management at Massachusetts Maritime Academy where she has taught a variety of courses including disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation, vulnerable populations in disaster, and disaster communications.

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