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How do I switch to the other option to solve my challenge?

If you decide to switch to a different challenge solution option, tap the desired option and confirm your decision in the dialogue box that pops up. All resource selections from the first option will be cleared automatically. You can now give away any corresponding physical cards that were acquired for the first option.

What happens if a surprise challenge removes a resource from the game?

Some surprise challenges take resources out of the game so that players cannot use that resource to complete a challenge. This change will show up automatically on the affected neighborhood’s interactive challenge board in red. Discard the corresponding physical card(s). If using printed challenge boards, red “X” cards may be used to indicate which resources …

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What’s going to happen next?

Shh! Try not to divulge what type of disaster will befall the city, what surprise challenges you plan to send, or any other details about the narrative or scoring before the script instructs y ou to. Surprises add to the fun and suspense of the game. Players must think on their feet and adapt to …

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What if I can’t hear the game sound effects?

Check to be sure that the sound on each player device is turned on and the volume is maximized. For some devices, sound can be turned on or off separately for d ifferent uses or applications, so check your settings menu to ensure sound is turned on for all applications.