The Plastic Problem Q&A - #2

QUESTION from the audience at PBS NewsHour Presents: the Plastic Problem Panel Discussion

Do we have another progressive sustainability step on the horizon that we might be introducing in DC?

In 2019 the District unveiled their updated Sustainability Plan 2.0 that has a number of progressive goals outlined around the issue of plastic and waste. By 2032, the District aims to reduce per capita waste generation by 15%, reuse 20% of all waste produced in the district and achieve 80% waste diversion citywide without the use of landfills, waste-to-energy or incineration. The city has outlined several initiatives to help achieve these goals, including:
– a feasibility study for an equitable priced collection billing structure, where residents would only get charged for waste they generate instead of a flat fee
– Expanding the polystyrene bag to include packing materials and additional points-of-sale such as big retailers and supplier
– Work with surrounding jurisdictions to ensure comparable policies around plastic waste are enacted within the region.

SOURCE: Sustainable DC 2.0


Image: Sustainable DC

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