Extreme Event FAQ

How much does it cost?

All game materials are free to download, but some items need to be printed. Most facilitators report spending less than $25. Producing top-quality materials can cost up to a few hundred dollars. The cost depends on the printing resources you have and how durable you want your game materials to be. You can customize the game to fit your budget and technology. For additional instructions on creating your own game materials, watch this video.

How much time does it take?

The game is designed to last 1 hour. You can make it longer (if desired) by including more surprise challenges or having a more in-depth discussion at the end.

Start planning your game and preparing your materials a few weeks beforehand. Most facilitators report spending 1-2 hours preparing the game materials. On game day, give yourself 15-30 minutes to set up the game room. Find more information on the Play the Game and Materials pages.

Is it right for my group?

Any group of 12-48 adults or teens can play Extreme Event. It’s been used by community groups, in classrooms, and as part of volunteer and teacher training activities. It’s cross-disciplinary, so fits well in many different contexts.

What if I have more than 48 players?

To run a single game with more than 48 players, simply print out a second set of name tags. This allows you to have up to 96 players, with some characters being played by two people. Players will still be divided into six sectors and six neighborhoods.

What is the digital game portal?

The Digital Game Portal allows you to facilitate the game using 7 Internet-connected laptops or tablets (one for the facilitator plus one for each of the six player tables). The portal is web-based and you do not need to download any apps or software.

The portal has the game script, game controls, and all the visual and sound effects you’ll need—all built in. Using the portal means you won’t need as many printed materials. However, you WILL need reliable Wi-Fi in your game room to use the Digital Game Portal.

Can I try a test game?

Yes! The simplest way is to try a Demo Test Game using the Digital Game Portal. You can facilitate your actual game using this portal or a printed script; either way, the test game is a great way to familiarize yourself with the script and game mechanics.

You can also try a test game in person. Once you’ve assembled your materials, just gather a few helpers together for a mock run-through. Or, contact us to see if there’s a live game you could attend in your area before you host your own.

Where can I get more support?

You can check out our Facilitator Certification Program or Contact Us!

Can I see a quick demo?

Sure, click below