Game Materials

Beginning April 24, 2022, all game materials can now be downloaded from the Extreme Event Learning Lab. In addition to downloading the materials, you’ll also find more information about our Extreme Event Facilitator Certification Program. 

Please note that there were changes made to both the printed game materials and the Digital Game Portal. If you plan to run an Extreme Event Game using materials printed prior to April 2022, then you won’t be able to use the Digital Game Portal.  

Questions? Feel free to email us at

Digital Game Portal

Launch your game here if NOT using a printed script. Requires 7 computers/tablets and WiFi. Start Game Digital Game Portal Troubleshooting & Tips

Sound Effects

Use these if you are reading from a printed script. You don't need these files if using the Digital Game Portal. Earthquake Sound Effects (Streaming) (ZIP download) Flood Sound Effects (Streaming) (ZIP download) Hurricane Sound Effects (Streaming) (ZIP download)