Who is Using the Extreme Event Game?

Over 12,000 people in more than 40 cities in 6 countries have played the game world-wide.  Find out about their experiences.

I teach a course called Physics for Future Presidents.  We did the flood scenario. The students had to scramble. They had to deal with these real-life circumstances. They were very engaged, very excited by this and I think they learned some interesting lessons.”
Jerry Feldman
Physics Professor
George Washington University
Washington, DC

“It is great because with our school and the population we teach, we think a lot about differentiation and this game does so much to be able to serve the needs of different learners. The more we have simulations and experiences like the ones you have designed, and it really is expertly designed, the more students feel that they are doing things that relate to their world.”
Amanda Yeager
6th Grade Math and Science Teacher
Capital City Public Charter School
Washington, DC

“We were hit by a catastrophic event called Hurricane Harvey… and I thought it’s the game playing out right in front of me! Whether it’s communicating, or looking at data, or using technology, there’s a way that you approach and view the world to gather information to make informed decisions. The Extreme Event Game is one of those opportunities to express all of those skills.”
Debra Hill
Secondary Science Coordinator
Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
Houston, Texas

Citizens gather to practice disaster response.
Emergency Services Volunteer Groups
Ashland, Oregon

See a quick demo

Extreme Event Game Quick Demo
National Academy of Sciences
Washington, DC

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