Terms & Conditions

Please review the following terms and conditions for the Hidden Expert event (“Event”). By submitting a video story for the Event, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions laid out below.

Who can participate?

  • The Event is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.
  • An individual should provide only one story. Please only submit a video if you can attend the Event on September 30th at 8:00pm EST.

What should my video story include?

  • Tell us a true story.
  • Make sure your story has structure – this means it has a beginning, middle and end. No ranting or stream of consciousness.
  • Stay on topic. It can be anywhere in your story, but make sure you’re staying relevant to the theme.
  • Keep it 5 minutes or under.
  • Look at the camera and tell it from memory.
  • Record your video horizontally (16:9).
  • The host of the event will do a live introduction for your video, so please do not include one in your recording. Just launch right into the story.
  • The first few seconds are key to sparking curiosity. Make sure you have a hook.

What shouldn’t my video story include?

  • No derogatory language, slurs, or insults.
  • No impersonations. This includes accents.
  • Do not include anything other than you telling your story.  This means no other people on camera, no music, voiceovers, visual art, or trademarks created or owned by third parties. 

How and when should I submit my video story?

How will my video story be selected and how will I know if my video story has been selected for inclusion in the Program?

  • Video stories will be selected based on relevance to the theme, story structure, and performance style.
  • All video stories will be reviewed for selection by the LabX staff. All decisions made by the LabX staff are final. 
  • Tellers whose video stories are selected for the Event will be notified by email September 21, 2020.

What else do I need to know?

  • LabX retains the right to delete any video story that violates the rules laid out here or is deemed inappropriate.
  •  By submitting a video story, you warrant that: 

o    You are the sole author, creator, and owner of your video and the story you are telling;

o    Your video story does not violate any applicable laws;

o    Your video story does not infringe upon or violate intellectual property rights held by any third person or party; and

o    You will abide by and are in compliance with all requirements of this Event and Google.

  •  By submitting a video story, you agree that:
      • The National Academy of Sciences (NAS), for the full term of any copyright and any extensions thereto, shall have a royalty-free, nonexclusive, irrevocable license to publish, reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, store, translate, edit, create derivative works from and otherwise use the video story in all forms, languages and media, whether now known or hereafter existing, solely for the purpose of having the Event in real-time, recording the Event, and/or using still images or recordings (or portions thereof) from your video story to promote or recap the Event and/or your participation in it.
      • You grant the NAS permission to rights of your likeness, image, and sound of my voice as recorded and/or other biographical information (the “Likeness”) without payment or any other consideration, solely for the purposes set forth above. You understand that this permission means that NAS may use, edit, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute my Likeness for the purposes set forth above,
      • You will comply with and be bound by these official rules and all decisions of NAS/LabX;
      • You release and hold harmless NAS from any claims, expenses, and liability relating to participating in the Event. 
      • You are subject to Google’s Terms of Service as through you submission of your video story through Google Forms.
      • You are of full legal age and have read these terms and conditions and are fully familiar with the contents.
      • The Event and these terms and conditions shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia.

These guidelines were incredibly thorough but I’ve still got a question. Can I speak with someone?