Submit a Story

Submission Deadline for the fourth event: December 1st, 2020

Event Location: Online

Interested in sharing your story? Here’s what to do:

We are asking participants to record a two-minute (or shorter!) video of a true story. Don’t worry, your video doesn’t need to be fancy, just focus on telling a good story. The prompt is intentionally broad so have fun with it.

Our Host for the evening will introduce you during the event itself so we ask that you simply jump into your story in your video.

Please only submit a video if you can also virtually attend the event on September 30th at 8 pm EST.

Please read the instructions in full before you submit. We will notify you by September 21, 2020 if your story was selected. Because we are trying hard to keep this event under an hour (we already get enough screen time) we may not be able to share everyone’s story. Thanks for understanding!

Storytelling Instructions

  • Tell us a TRUE story. We can’t and won’t factcheck you but it’s way more fun if it’s sans dragons.
  • No need to introduce yourself in the video. The host of the live event will do that for you.
  • Look at the camera and tell your story from memory. It’s super boring when we can see and hear you read it.
  • The first few seconds are key to sparking curiosity. Make sure you have a hook.
  • Make sure your story has structure – this means it has a beginning, middle and end. Please no stream of consciousness.
  • Stay on topic. It can be addressed anywhere in your story but please make sure you’re staying relevant to the theme.
  • Please no derogatory language, slurs or insults. It’s 2020, we’re over hatred.
  • Please do not impersonate. This includes accents. Again, no room for hatred.
  • Keep it 5 minutes or under, please.
  • Story submissions must be from those 18 years of age or older.

Please fill out your information below and provide a link to your video. If you can’t easily share a  link to your video, you can also use our submission upload form.

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