Help combat the COVID-19 Pandemic through games! LabX is teaming up with scientists and gamers from around the globe in a two-week Game Jam called Jamming the Curve.

One of the greatest challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic is convincing people to take the necessary actions to protect their own and others’ safety to do what health experts call “flattening the curve.” Behavioral research shows that the two most important factors in prosocial pandemic behavior are critical thinking and belief in science.

We believe games are uniquely suited to contribute towards these prosocial pandemic behaviors by translating data into stories, dispelling misinformation or misconceptions, and demonstrating the relationship between individual behaviors and large-scale impacts, all in a form that is easily digestible by a broader public. 

The project provides gamemakers access to two simulation engines (one in Unity and one in html) developed at Georgia Tech that allow them to develop games based on epidemiological models built with real world scientific data regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The following themes should help guide—though not limit—your creations:



  • Testing & Contact Tracing
  • Containment measures


  • Development & Distribution
  • Accessibility


  • Socioeconomic
  • Regional


  • Government
  • Mainstream Media
  • Social media
  • Word of mouth


  • Public & Corporate
  • Preparation & Health Sustainability

Participants will be tasked with creating a game between 9/15/2020 and 10/1/2020, in whatever format they choose, while using the themes as guidance. Form a team with others or work solo – you decide!

The jam is open to people of all skill levels, newcomers are always welcome, and we will ensure that everyone finds a team to join that fits your skills and interests. Experienced mentors will be available throughout the event to help answer questions about game development tools, engines, and principles along with public health experts who will be available to answer your scientific questions.



After the organizers’ screen for eligibility, your submission will be scored by a panel of jurors based on:

  • The topic of the submission and how well the topic adheres to the themes of Jamming the Curve.
  • The accuracy and relevancy of the scientific information contained in the submission.
  • The content, art, audio, and gameplay of the submission.
  • Other factors as determined by the organizers.

The five highest scoring submissions that meet all submission eligibility criteria will be nominated as finalists. Full details of eligibility and judging criteria are available in the Terms & Conditions. You can also look at the Judging Rubric.



Five winning teams will each receive $1,000 cash and be showcased at the IndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere Festival. These winning teams will have the opportunity to further develop their idea to win a $20,000 game development grant. Prizes are being funded by LabX.


7/29-9/15 Jam Sign-Up

9/15 Jam Kickoff

9/21 Prototype Milestone – optional for participants. Details on Discord.

10/1 Final Game Prototypes Due

10/1-10/12 Covid Jam Award Jurying

10/16-10/18 Demo Session & Game Jam Awards at IndieCade Anywhere & Everywhere

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