Jamming the Curve

Jamming the Curve Winning Game 'Cat Colony Crisis' OUT NOW 

Among Us meets Pusheen in This Crowd Control Title Where Players Manage the Outbreak of a Mysterious Disease on a Spaceship full of Cats

In October 2020 LabX brought together gamers, public health experts, and scientists to create video games that could help combat COVID-19. Jamming the Curve had over 400 participants, 50+ games, and was even featured in the LA Times. Explore the winning game below!


Key Features of Cat Colony Crisis:

  • Cats…Lots of Cats: The colony is filled to the brim with cute and cuddly kitties milling about and getting up to feline shenanigans and it’s your job to manage them — luckily cats are known for being obedient, docile creatures who respond well to authority… 
  • Prevent the Outbreak: Keep a close eye on these kitties as they begin to develop symptoms like sneezing, sniffling, and sweating, and use quarantine tactics and testing to discover if these were pre-existing symptoms or the signs of something worse… 
  • Super-Cute Custom Kitties: It wouldn’t be a videogame about cats without an adorable aesthetic, and when you put a cowboy hat on a cartoon kitten everybody wins. Having a giant litterbox right in the open in your colony seems like an odd home-decor choice, but who are we humans to judge?

Cat Colony Crisis from Devil Cider Games is available for PC and Mac on Steam and Itch.io and for mobile on iOS and Android today!