Jamming the Curve


Science Communication Challenges of COVID-19

This talk addresses one of the biggest communication challenge around COVID19: Much of the scientific work on the virus, its spread, and the effectiveness of different interventions is in flux, to say the least. New science constantly proves previous findings wrong. And to some degree, that’s the way science is supposed to work. But for COVID-19, science and policy are emerging at the same time and with breakneck speed. This means that science gets blamed for the inevitable missteps of public policy, and that battling misinformation on COVID-19 with science that itself might turn out to be a losing proposition. On a more positive note, there are effective strategies we can use, which are discussed in this video.

Risk Perception & Public Misunderstanding

In this talk, Alison discusses how errors in risk perception contribute to public misunderstanding of science and how the media and social media, in particular, shape public perceptions of science and risk. Combined with the uncertainty and urgency surrounding COVID, this has created a full-blow COVID infodemic. Her talk closes with strategies for empowering the public to think critically about health risks.

Vaccine Development for COVID-19

In this talk, Dr. Goodman-Meza provides an overview of COVID-19 and the vaccine.

COVID-19 Diagnostics

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted critical technological and infrastructural gaps in diagnostic testing in the United States and many other countries. Achieving sufficient sensitivities, rapid testing turnaround times, and efficient scaleup for widespread, accurate testing remain the most important challenges for improving diagnostic testing for COVID-19. To address these challenges, current research efforts focus on developing more sensitive technologies and rapid point-of-care tests for detecting COVID-19 infection, which will be key to containing the pandemic as society and schools reopen.


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