Welcome to the first ever NASEM Staff Game Competition! March 1st- March 12th, 2021

Save a spaceship full of rambunctious felines from a mysterious disease outbreak while winning glory for your division.

Here’s how to compete:

  1. Play Cat Colony Crisis. The game can be played in your computer browser or on your iPhone or Android device. When you click ‘Play’ in the game, you will have the option to change various game parameters. Important: this competition is for the default setting so please do not change anything.

  2. Take a screenshot of your highest score and email it to Rick Thomas. Your score is determined by how many cats you test, how quickly you isolate infections, and how far the infections spread.

  3. The two highest-scoring staff members at the end of two weeks will win a $50 and $25 prize*, courtesy of LabX. They will also be featured in the March 12th edition of The Week Ahead.

    *LabX will take suggestions from the winners about what type of prize they would like (read: we don’t want the prize to be something you wouldn’t use). Unfortunately the prizes cannot be gift cards due to tax implications, but feel free to get creative!

Email any questions you have to Rick Thomas.

About the Game
Cat Colony Crisis by Devil’s Cider Games was the winning submission of LabX’s October 2020 Jamming the Curve event. Jamming the Curve brought together gamers, public health experts, and scientists to create video games that could help combat COVID-19. All together the jam had over 400 participants, 50+ games, and was even featured in the Los Angeles Times.